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Hartes Of Kildare, Kildare Market Square - Kildare

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Donna Browne
So delighted my daughters took me there on Sunday 22nd for my birthday. We arrived to a very busy Sunday lunch but were greeted very warmly and taken to our table at the back of the restaurant which was roomy but cosy. Our waiter was very friendly and didnt rush us and helped us choose our meal. My sister and my mother arrived unannounced and the waiter made them feel welcome as these was room for a wheelchair. The pate and braised steak had to be the nicest I've had. The braised steak was served like a filet steak but it was extremely tender pulled steak that melted in your mouth, amazing! I will definitely be back! Thank you for a memorable birthday.
Rhoda Barry
There are so many great things to love about this place!! I visited Hartes for the 1st time last Thursday on recommendation from a friend and I was blown away by the food, the atmosphere, the decor and most off all by the engagement of the staff with the customers!! If ever there was a place that knows how to treat it's customers, Hartes is It. They could not do enough for us! This restaurant has become my new favourite place to dine!
Dermot Scully
To be honest, I'm not a lover of the seating arrangements at Hartes. I feel I'm sitting on top of the other diners and in particular there are two tables where you're shoulder to shoulder with the person sitting next to you. It was certainly a factor in my delayed return to this establishment . I opted for the sole - in spite of having ordered a much desired glass of Shiraz - and then did some soul-searching (no pun intended ) as to the mis-match between my wine and main course. The girl came back and regretfully announced that they were out of sole! I was delighted and quickly changed my order to the braised beef - which after all was more in keeping with my choice of wine. I was doubly delighted when I tucked into my beef as I can safely say it was one of the most delicious main courses I have had in a very long time. Vegetables and potato mash were equally exquisite. My wife and daughter had the fish and chips and beef burger respectively, both of which were perfectly adequate but in my view didn't come within a country mile of my own main course. My daughter, on tasting my dish said she was sorry she hadn't gone for that. In regards to my own course I have no hesitation in giving Hartes 'five stars'


  • Monday: PoistaLisää sivullesi tarjous tai alennus ja houkuttele ihmisiä yritykseesi
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: Tiistai: 12.00–15.30, 17.00–21.00
  • Thursday: Keskiviikko: 12.00–15.30, 17.00–21.00
  • Friday: Torstai: 12.00–15.30, 17.00–21.15
  • Saturday: Perjantai: 12.00–15.30, 17.00–21.30
  • Sunday: Lauantai: 12.00–15.30, 17.00–21.30

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HARTES OF KILDARE, KILDARE - Market Square - Menu and Prices

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